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Kim Jong-dae (김종대), better known as Chen, is one of the main vocalists of EXO and EXO-M.


  • Stage Name: Chen (첸)
  • Real Name: Kim Jong Dae (김종대)
  • Chinese Name: Jin Zhong Da (金鐘大)
  • Nicknames (Also known as): Orange, Camel-dinosaur, EXO's Mom.
  • Blood type: B
  • Height: 173cm
  • Weight: (?)kg.
  • Skills: Singing, piano.
  • Super Power (Badge): Lightning
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
  • Family: ...
  • Ideal type: Noona, those that would take care of him.


Chen (첸) is the lead vocalist of EXO-M. Born Kim Jong-dae (Korean: 김종대; Hanja: 金鐘大) on September 21, 1992 (now aged 29) in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Chen has one older brother, Kim Jongdeok. Chen was the last EXO member scouted by S.M. Entertainment; he auditioned for S.M. Entertainment through the company's S.M. Casting System in early 2011, at age 18.

Chen was the fourth member to be formally introduced to the public, on December 29, 2011. Along with Luhan, Tao, and EXO-K's Kai, Chen had his first televised performance at SBS's Gayo Daejun event on December 29, 2011. On February 4, 2014, SM Entertainment revealed that SM The Ballad will make a comeback with new members, Chen being one of them. He sang the Chinese version of the title track, Breath.

On January 13, 2020, Chen posted a letter on EXO's official fancafe on LYSN announcing his marriage to a non-celebrity girlfriend who is also expecting a baby. SM confirmed the news, stating the wedding will be held privately. On April 29, 2020, SM confirmed that Chen's wife had given birth to the couple's first child, a daughter, that day.

On October 15, 2020, Chen released a single "Hello", just 11 days prior to enlisting for the mandatory military service. He served as an active duty solder starting October 26, 2020. He was discharged on April 25, 2022.



Digital Singles

  • [2020.10.15] "Hello"


  • Breath (Chinese version) (with Zhang Liyin) (2014)
  • A Day Without You (with Jonghyun) (2014)
  • When I Was... When U Were... (with Krystal) (2014)
  • Lil' Something (with Vibe and Heize) (2016)
  • If We Love Again (with Chanyeol) (2016)
  • Years (Korean version) (with DJ Alesso) (2016)
  • Years (Chinese version) (with DJ Alesso) (2016)
  • Nosedive (with Dynamic Duo) (2017)
  • Bye Babe (with 10cm) (2018)
  • May We Bye (with Onestar) (2019)
  • You (with Dynamic Duo) (2020)


  • The Best Luck (It's Okay, That's Love OST)
  • Everytime (with Punch) (Descendants of the Sun OST)
  • Beautiful Accident (with Suho) (Beautiful Accident OST)
  • For You (with Baekhyun & Xiumin) (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST)
  • Can't Say Goodbye (I'm Not Okay) (Missing 9 OST)
  • Cherry Blossom Love Song (100 Days My Prince OST)
  • Make It Count (Touch Your Heart OST)
  • Rainfall (Chief of Staff : People Who Make The World)
  • Beautiful (Heart 4 U OST)


TV Drama

Year Name Channel Role
2015 EXO Next Door Naver TV Cast Chen

Variety Show

Year Name Channel Role
2015 King of Mask Singer MBC Contestant (Episodes 21 and 22)
2016 Travel without Manager Cookat TV Main Cast
2018 Travel the World On EXO CBX's Ladder Oksusu Original Main Cast
2019 Travel the World On EXO's Ladder
#Heart 4 U #Chen V Live Main Cast


  • He shares a room with Lay in Korea.
  • He used to share a room with Kris in China.
  • His main specialty is singing high notes and low notes.
  • He has a very powerful voice.
  • He gives an impression of gentleness.
  • He was cast into SM Entertainment through the SM Casting System in 2011.


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