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Because we currently have 8 users on the wiki and only 2 of them being admins, I have finally agreed and finalized the decision, there will be an admin election.

Below, I have set rules and layouts on Admin Election, please follow all of them :)

Elections will run for about a month, an Admin will be chosen around December 29th (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE!)

Any questions, please ask me :)

Good luck :)

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In order to nominate yourself, you must meet a couple of these guidelines:

  • Over 500 mainspace edits
  • No ban record
  • (For now) Edited over two weeks
  • (After 3 months) Edited for at least 6 months
  • You are cooperative, responsibile and friendly
  • Rollbacks can be Admins without the above requirements but need to be active for a month before the day the nominee puts up their request.

Voting Guidelines

  • Keep comments nice and respectful
  • Please add a reason to your vote!
  • I, NTA65bz, will keep a close eye on comments: any rude and inappropriate comments will result in a punishment


Hopefully you will be able to follow this simple layout shown below when nominating yourselves...

This is an example!


(^as you see, my user name is linked directly to my userpage, and placed under Heading 3)

Hi, my name is NTA65bz, but everyone calls me Najmah or Nabeela. I have been an editor here at EXO Wiki for the last three weeks, and I have many edits in mainspace, along with templates and other excess pages. I would love to be an admin here since I believe I meet the guidelines, I have experience and I love to help others more. I have created one wiki, The Elemental Gems Wiki, and adopted the Night Ghoulz Wiki (now a wasteland). I love to help users, and I have helped many: from editting to signatures to codes.

(^This is a short little bio about myself, stating why I like to be admin, how long I have edited, and a little about myself, and I kept it truthful)


I think a cooperative and an on-task admin is a great idea! -Turtletruffles


I think this user being bossy can be harsh, I would say no -Toklo21

(^right above, other users can vote for the admin but KEEP THE COMMENTS APPROPRIATE AND NICE!)

Self-Applying Nominees

Nominating Someone Else