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List of songs recorded by South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-units EXO-K and EXO-M.


x Indicates single release
Title Writer(s) Album Year
"3.6.5" Hayden Bell
Didrik Thott
Christian Fast
Henrik Nordenback
XOXO 2013
"Angel (Into Your World)" J. Lewis
Jarah Gibson
Hyuk Shin
Sasha Hamilton
MAMA 2012
"Baby" Kenzie
Kim Jungbae
XOXO 2013
"Baby Don't Cry" Andrew Choi
Im Kwangwook
Kalle Engstrom
Kim Taesung
XOXO 2013
"Beautiful" Lee Chae-yoon Exodus 2015
"Black Pearl" 2xxx!
Brittani White
Hyuk Shin
Jasmine Kearse
JJ Evans
XOXO 2013
"Call Me Baby" - x Jo Yoon-kyung
January 8th
Kim Dong-hyun
Exodus 2015
"Christmas Day" Misfit Miracles in December 2013
"Don't Go" DK
Hyuk Shin
John Major
Jordan Kyle
Jeffrey Patrick Lewis
XOXO 2013
"December, 2014 (The Winter's Tale)" EXOLOGY CHAPTER 1: THE LOST PLANET 2014
"El Dorado" Seo Ji-eum
Lee Yoo-jin
Exodus 2015
"Exodus" Jo Yoon-kyung Exodus 2015
"First Love" Cedric "Dabenchwarma" Smith
Keynon Moore
Henry Hill
Ahmad Russell
Catherine Ahn
Danny Jones
Zev Perilman
Love Me Right (Repackage) 2015
"The First Snow" Kenzie Miracles in December 2013
"Growl" - x Hyuk Shin
Jordan Kyle
John Major
Jarah Gibson
Growl 2013
"Heart Attack" GoodWill & MGI
Reynard Silva
XOXO 2013
"History" - x Remee Mikkel Sigvardt Jackman
Thomas Troelsen
Yoo Youngjin
MAMA 2012
"Hurt" 100% Seo-jung Exodus 2015
"유성우 (Lady Luck)" Lee Chae-yoon Exodus 2015
"Let Out the Beast" Charles Wiggins
Chris Lightbody
Jay J. Kim
Robert Peters
Robert Steinmille
Spencer Yaras
Taeko Carroll
XOXO 2013
"Love, Love, Love" Seo Jieum
Annakid (黄貞穎 Annakid)
Overdose 2014
"Lucky" E.One Growl 2013
"Love Me Right" - x Denzil "DR" Remedios
Nermin Harambasic
Courtney Woolsey
Peter Tambakis
Ryan S. Jhun
Jarah Lafayette Gibson
Love Me Right (Repackage) 2015
"Machine" Albi Albertsson
Timo Kaukolampi
MAMA 2012
"Mama" - x Yoo Youngjin MAMA 2012
"Miracles in December" - x Sarah Yoon
Liu Yuan
Miracles in December 2013
"Moonlight" Seo Jieum
Lin Xin Ye
Overdose 2014
"Beautiful" Lee Joo-hyung Exodus 2015
"My Lady" Hitchhiker (DJ Jinu)
XOXO 2013
"My Turn to Cry" Kim Younghu Miracles in December 2013
"Overdose" - x Kenzie
The Underdogs
Overdose 2014
"Peter Pan" Denzil Remedios
Kibwe Luke
Ryan S. Jhun
XOXO 2013
"Playboy" Jonghyun Exodus 2015
"Promise (EXO 2014)" Lay
Love Me Right (Repackage) 2015
"Run" Seo Jieum
Zhou Mi
Overdose 2014
"Tender Love" Gaeko
Lim Kwang-wook
Ryan Kim
Love Me Right (Repackage) 2015
"The Star" Soulfulmonster Miracles in December 2013
"Thunder" Jeon Gandhi
Lin Xin Ye
Overdose 2014
"Transformer" Kenzie Exodus 2015
"Two Moons"
(featuring Key of SHINee)
Albi Albertsson
Yim Kwangwook
MAMA 2012
"시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If…)" Seo Ji-eum Exodus 2015
"What Is Love?" - x DOM
Richard Garcia
Teddy Riley
Yoo Youngjin
MAMA 2012
"Wolf" - x Nigel
Nermin Harambašić
XOXO 2013
"XOXO" Steven Lee
Jimmy Richard
Growl 2013

Unreleased (Teaser Songs)

  • "Emergency"
  • "Lightsaber"
  • "Metal"
  • "Phoenix"
  • "Run&Gun"
  • "Time Control"
  • "Reflection"



  • "My Girl"
  • "Because of You"
  • "Speak My Mind to You"
  • "Miss You"
  • "Tears Airport"


  • "Lullaby" (with Kevin Shin)

Soundtrack contribution

Title Artist(s) Album Year
"Time Boils The Rain" Kris Tiny Times III OST 2014
"The Best Luck" Chen It's Okay, That's Love OST 2014

Guest appearances

Title Artist(s) Album Year
"A Day Without You" Chen with Jonghyun SM the Ballad Vol. 2 – Breath 2014
"Bad Girl" Henry Lau
featuring Chanyeol
Fantastic 2014
"Breath" (Chinese ver.) Chen with Zhang Liyin SM the Ballad Vol. 2 – Breath 2014
"Dear My Family" Baekhyun, D.O., Luhan and Chen with BoA, Kangta, TVXQ, Yesung, Taeyeon, Jonghyun and Luna I AM. Original Soundtrack 2012
"Goodbye Summer" f(x)
featuring D.O.
Pink Tape 2013
"Maxstep" Younique Unit
(Kai and Luhan with Eunhyuk, Hyoyeon, Taemin and Henry)
PYL Younique Volume 1 2012
"Pretty Boy" Lee Taemin
featuring Kai
Ace 2014
"Rewind" Zhoumi featuring Chanyeol (Korean) and Tao (Mandarin) Rewind 2014
"Say Yes" Kris with Jessica and Krystal Make Your Move 3D 2013
"Spectrum" S.M. The Performance
(Kai and Lay with Yunho, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Taemin and Minho)
Spectrum 2013
"When I Was... When U Were..." Chen with Krystal SM the Ballad Vol. 2 – Breath 2014
"You Are A Miracle" 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun Friendship Project
(with Baekhyun and D.O.)
2013 SBS Gayo Daejun - Make The Miracle Share Your Dreams 2013