What is Sesaeng?Edit



Sasaeng is the term used for 'Maniac Fans' that usually break norms, like disturbing and idol's privacy, doing physical damage to the idols, to doing criminality.

EXO do have sesaeng fans that usually disturb the members and even the surrounding public. Like the above picture, which was taken when Tao was wearing a bathroom robe in a hotel, which clearly invades the idol's privasi. There was even a recording of Tao's voice singing 'Crayon' G-Dragon in the hotel bathroom.

What did Sesaeng fans do to EXO?Edit


  • The fans started pushing each other until Luhan fell in the airport. When he fell, those fans didn't help him, but grabbed his body instead until Baekhyun had to help him, and Baekhyun got mad at those fans.

  • Kai fell because a sesaeng hurt his foot. The other members had to hold him because he looked like he was in a lot of pain, and that he couldn't walk.
  • A sesaeng held D.O.'s hand like a close friend which in reality isn't true.
  • A sesaeng from China disturbed Xiumin at the airport, asking about things a little linked to (I'm sorry) pornografi; she asked how it feels like to sleep with Luhan and if Luhan 'takes good care' of him (Xiumin) at night. Because Xiumin doesn't understand mandarin, Luhan looked very angry at the sesaeng fan and grabbed Xiumin's hand and dragged him away from that sesaeng.
  • D.O. was just about to go out for a relaxing stroll (probably after schedules), when he got surprised and immediately ran away because he saw a sesaeng that was waiting for him.
  • The area around D.O.'s eyes got hurt after being hit by a DSLR camera by a fan/sesaeng.

Seeing the things the sesaengs do to EXO, netizens commented:
"I am very sad, shocked and pity D.O. seeing him run away in fear. They became singers because they like to sing, but now I think that if I have to cope with those people (sesaengs) I would rather back down."
"Imagine how afraid D.O. would have been if he was walking out trying to relax himself when he suddenly meets someone waiting for him holding a camera."
"Do sesaengs even have brains? How can a women hold D.O.'s hand without feeling guilty, and see that he (D.O.) doesn't look comfortable at all?"
"There should be a punishment for these sesaengs.",br> "I also heard that some followed them to public toilets, hardly deserve to be called fans." and others.

Let us all, appropriate EXO Fans, not do anything the Sesaeng Fans do. We all care for our idol, and we all care for the other fans as well. We do not want any conflict between us, and we do not want our idols to believe that every EXO fan is a Sesaeng Fan, do we?

What did I tell you, what do you think I said??
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